Common Water Problems in Southwest Virginia and Their Solutions

Someone getting water in their glass from a tap filter

If you live in Southwest Virginia, you have probably noticed that your water may taste or smell funny. Maybe it’s a little bit of a sulfur smell, or perhaps it just doesn’t taste right. Either way, there are many reasons why the water in your home may not be as clean and pure as you would like. At Kinetico Water Systems, we believe that everyone deserves to have great-tasting, clean water in their faucets. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions and services to help you solve your unique water problems so that you can enjoy getting a glass of water right from your kitchen sink or washing your clothes without worrying about discoloration.

Here are some common water problems in South West Virginia and how Kinetico Water Systems can help.

Iron in Water


Excess iron in water can produce a reddish/orange tint, which can stain your laundry. It is also problematic because it can cause health issues if left untreated. The Kinetico Macrolite BackWashing filter will remove the iron from your water to prevent stains on clothing. It will also prevent any health issues that are caused by drinking unfiltered iron-rich water.

Water Hardness


Water hardness is caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium atoms, making it difficult to get a lather when using soap and causing scaling. Scaling is a buildup of minerals that leaves a white residue on your dishes, sinks, and appliances. It also causes faucets to stick and slows down the water flow in pipes.

Kinetico water softeners are ideal for removing the magnesium and calcium found in hard water. This will restore your hair’s natural shine and prevent problems with dry skin, dandruff, eczema & psoriasis. Kinetico water softeners also reduce the number of spots left on dishes after washing, prevent scale build-up in household appliances to improve efficiency and prolong their lifespan, keep your household plumbing free from hard water-related corrosion and pitting for a longer time.

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

Manganese in Water


Excess manganese can produce a brownish tint to water which can stain your laundry. Unfiltered manganese can also cause potential health problems if ingested, so it should be filtered before use. Kinetico whole house filters will remove manganese from your water for stain-free laundry and prevent potential health issues caused by drinking the unfiltered, untreated water.

Sediment in Water

Sediment in water

Particles in the water that are too small to be removed by filtration can cause poor taste, color, and odor issues. A Kinetico whole house filter will remove these sediments for cleaner, better-tasting water. They also remove common contaminants that can cause health issues, including heavy metals and bacteria.

“Rotten Egg Smell” in Water


The presence of iron sulfide or hydrogen sulfide gas in the water can make it smell like rotten eggs. A Kinetico Sulfur Guard System will solve this issue by removing the hydrogen sulfide gas and iron sulfide, leaving your household with clean, soft water.

Water Tastes Like Chlorine


Excess chlorine or manganese in the water can make your water taste bad, as well as cause potential health issues if ingested. Kinetico whole house filters will solve this issue by removing any chlorine and manganese residues to provide your household with clean tasting water free of unwanted chemicals and additives.

Cloudy Water


Cloudy water may come from your faucets if it has excess manganese, iron, and sediment. Kinetico whole house filters will remove any contaminants, causing murky water to provide your household with clean, clear water.

Kinetico provides the highest quality water systems available with a comprehensive line of products that can suit any household’s needs. The great thing about our company is that our technicians are trained to properly install your new filtration system so you can have clean, healthy water for your household and provide solutions to your water problems. Contact us to schedule a free water test, and we will advise you on which water softener or whole house filtration system is right for your home.