Here are just a few of the letters and e-mails we receive.

T.Q. – Max Meadows

“Boy oh Boy! I have been singing “I’m the happiest girl.. in the whole USA..” all morning! I moved to SWVA four years ago from Texas and right into the house we still live in today. For FOUR years we have dealt with a water system by a large, nationally owned company and have been to the point of tears (literally). We had a $5000 system, five tanks and water softener, and absolutely NO water pressure. We suffered through for the last four years, having this company out every 3-6 months to maintain and try to figure out why we had no pressure. We were resigned to the fact that it just couldn’t be any better, that it was the best it could ever be because of the high amounts of iron in our well water. The final draw was when the system, right on schedule, went down… needing its 6 month (expensive) maintenance call. We tried calling on Wednesday, Thursday… and finally received a call back on Friday… we were told it would be a week unless we wanted to pay double the service charge PLUS $75 for every fifteen minutes. How is that even legal? We let that company know their system was going in the trash… and we called Kinetico…

Waymon and the Kinetico team, you are an angel… I mean that very seriously, you all have an extra jewel going in your crown! People don’t realize and aren’t grateful for their water, until they do without. We didn’t realize just how hard our lives had become because of a lack of water availability. After being installed yesterday (when the guys left after installation, I was still very leery) I ran the water spigots (all of them) at full force.. for over an hour. (I promise I wasn’t wasting water, I had to flush the lines!) After that hour, the pressure never dropped. With the old system if you ran ONE faucet for more than 10 minutes washing dishes, or showering.. you were at a trickle and heaven help you if the toilet was flushed! This morning we got up and all three of us took a shower! In four years we have never had that option! We couldn’t wash dishes and a load of laundry at the same time… the garden suffered the heat because we couldn’t spare the water.

We are so excited, and so grateful for the freedom you have given us. For a fraction of what the other system cost us to install, and the savings we will have from the frequent maintenance calls and repairs we will save a bundle! Thank You!

K. N. – Smith Mountain Lake

“We would like to thank you very much for installing our Kinetico Water System last spring.

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Smith Mountain Lake Business Expo. Your solution to our water problems has made our life here at Smith Mountain Lake so much easier and much more pleasant. The dirt, brownish tinge, and odor in our water are things of the past. We no longer find a brown film in the toilets. We now have clear, sparkling water coming from our faucets. The softness has greatly reduced the amount of soap and detergents that we have to use. And we do not have to change an in-line filter every two weeks.

Thank you for providing an excellent product and a willingness to stand behind it.”

J. W. – Daleville, Va.

“I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how happy we are with the RO systems you installed in our home. Our neighbors rave about how good our water is. In fact, I just got an e-mail from one of my neighbors asking if she could use my water to make tea for a church function she is having at her house this weekend. Another neighbor is in the process of building a home and has asked for your information so they could have a system installed.

I have nothing but praises to say about Kinetico. Not only is the RO system the best, but your customer service is outstanding. I’ve dealt with another well-known, large company in the area, and I am so unhappy with their softening system and didn’t like the sample of RO they brought for me to try. Their customer service is some of the worst I’ve ever dealt with, with multiple times of not getting calls back and waiting a week for a service call, and their expensive softening system is not large enough for our extremely hard water and has already had to have maintenance work in less than six months of use. I can’t wait for their system to finally kick the bucket so I can get switched to Kinetico’s softening system.

I don’t know what we would do without Kinetico, Probably regret every minute we moved to a place with terrible water. Thanks for making me love my home again.”

L.M.– Big Island, Va.

“Now my water is really soft, and cleans really well. My hair feels so much better, clothes are cleaner, and my car has never shined like it has with this water. I suffered from cracked skin on my feet, but since then my skin has become softer and I no longer have that problem. I see a huge difference after installing this system and would definitely recommend putting one in to anyone who does not have treated water.”