Kinetico Specialty Water Filters in SWVA

Kinetico SWVA specialty water filters are the perfect solution for any water problems you may have. Whether you’re looking to filter out chlorine, sulfur, or iron from your water, our specialty water filters will help you get rid of all those problems and provide you with an abundance of high-quality water.

What Is A Specialty Water Filter and Why Would I Need One?

Specialty water filters are unique filters designed to eliminate troublesome elements such as chlorine, iron, and suspended solids that make your water look dirty or cloudy. In order to ensure your family has access to the highest quality water, our specialty water filters are constantly working to purify your water.

Kinetico SWVA will start with a free water analysis to identify any water impurities you may have. This will allow our water specialists to find the most optimal water system for you and your home. 

The effects of using contaminated water in Southwest Virginia include:

  • Foul smell
  • Foul taste
  • Dry skin 
  • Cloudy water
  • Soapy films on dishes
  • Residue forming after washing or cleaning
  • Deterioration of plumbing parts and rubber seals.

After the analysis, Kinetico will pair your home with the most effective specialty water filter solution. These filters work to improve the quality of water you use daily. Find out the products available for your home by talking to a Kinetico Water Specialist. They will also answer any questions and schedule a free water analysis.

Kinetico Products

We have various Specialty Water Filters products that you can find in Southwest Virginia. They include:



The filter is a proprietary ceramic medium made only by Kinetico. It contains Macrolite filters that eliminate certain iron types, particulate matter, sediment, and turbidity to negligible levels. The products use water as a power source to avoid high electricity costs.

Also, it works automatically, and you don’t need to set timers, adjust, reset, or repair. The dual tanks will accommodate the high flow rates required for larger homes or multi-person usage.



Whole house dechlorination is an efficient addition to improving your water quality and upgrading virtually any water softener. It has activated carbon to absorb objectionable tastes and odors in any chlorinated water. Dechlorination will also reduce the deterioration of rubber seals on your plumbing systems to eliminate drying skin due to chlorine



The Kinetico Sulfur Guard takes care of hydrogen sulfide issues in a single and maintained unit. It will also get rid of foul odors and taste effectively without manual systems that are cumbersome to set. 


Greensand Filter offers an unlimited supply of odorless and fresh water 24/7. It works under an oxidation process that removes soluble iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, radium, and arsenic. Without these elements, your water would have an improved taste and protect your plumbing system from harm.

Get Specialty Water Filters in Southwest Virginia Today

Kinetico is a premier water treatment company with extensive experience working with clients in Southwest Virginia. You can find our products in Bedford, Roanoke, Smith Mtn Lake, and Lynchburg. Contact us today for a free quote.