Kinetico Saltless Water Systems in SWVA

Having hard water in your home can be a real headache. Scales in the sink, clogged pipes, faded clothes, and soap scum buildup in bathtubs are some of the common problems caused by having hard water in your home. 

This is because hard water contains compounds of calcium and magnesium and can cause issues to your home’s plumbing system and appliances. This negatively impacts the quality of your life. Thus, an effective hard water treatment solution becomes essential.

Don’t worry, there’s a solution. Kinetico saltless water systems can take your water to the next level – always ensuring that you have an abundance of soft water running through your home.

What is a Saltless Water System?

A saltless water system is a water conditioner that does not use salt, chemicals, or electricity to treat the hard water.

It utilizes potassium in place of sodium. The potassium produces a chemical transformation that crystallizes the mineral buildup. It helps to descale the hard water and prevents the minerals from clinging to your plumbing, laundry, and other surfaces. Thus, without wasting water, the saltless water system provides you with healthy hair, softer skin, and brighter clothes.

What are the benefits of saltless water systems?

Saltless water systems offer a variety of advantages:

  •       Reduces the scale build-up of limescale and other chemicals
  •       Conserves water
  •       Requires less maintenance
  •       Cost-effective as compared to conventional water softeners
  •       Long-lasting
  •       Maintains essential minerals in the water
  •       Eco-friendly alternative as compared to traditional salt systems

Why use Saltless Water Systems over Water Softeners?

Unlike a traditional water softener, a saltless water treatment system does not eliminate the calcium and magnesium minerals, but it reduces their ability to form that costly scale. It functions as an anti-scaling media that can protect your home’s major appliances and plumbing. It also makes it easy to clean out your bathtub or kitchen sink. 

Kinetico Saltless Water Systems: Solution to Hard Water Issues in Southwest Virginia

Kinetico SWVA has been the premier water treatment company in Southwest Virginia for many years now.

If you’re struggling with hard water, we can greatly improve your water quality with a saltless purification system. The saltless drinking water system from Kinetico purifies water without the need for electricity and sodium chloride. A standard, functioning system works on the principle of ion exchange. It will remove harmful minerals and microbes in your home water system and provide safe and high-quality water.

Before purchasing a saltless water softening system, you need to take into account several factors – including the type, size, water usage, flow rate, and installation of the system. These attributes determine the quality of the water supply at your home. A FREE water analysis from our team can depict the texture of your water and help you decide the type of saltless home water softener system you should purchase.

Kinetico Saltless Water Systems treat water hardness efficiently and effectively. Additionally, they deal with bad odors and remove harmful pathogens; delivering an abundance of high-quality, soft water.

Types of Saltless Water Systems:

TX Membrane System:


 It is one of the most advanced saltless water softener systems available. The Kinetico TX Membrane uses reverse osmosis to reduce the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water. It is completely non-electric and does not use salt like conventional models. The semipermeable membrane filter traps contaminants, and compounds causing hardness, iron, chlorine, and even odor-causing impurities. As a result, your water will look clearer and taste better. The TX Membrane System is also equipped with a self-contained pressurized system that economically optimizes the flow of water through the membrane.

It also has a high-capacity tank which will provide you with clean, clear, and usable water 24/7. The TX Membrane System is also equipped with a disinfecting generator and a carbon filter at the finishing stage. This provides better sanitation and taste appeal.

The question arises, ‘When to employ a TX Membrane System?’ It can be used for water that is cloudy, hard, or has an unpleasant taste or smell. It is the most comprehensive water conditioning system available for tough water.

Scale Reduction System (SRS):

The non-electric SRS water purification system prevents buildup without using salt or other chemicals. It can be easily installed on the main plumbing supply and descales the hard water by employing a series of filters.

The Kinetico Scale Reduction System works quietly 24/7 to reduce your need to repair or replace appliances, including the hot water tank. It works by reducing the ability of minerals in your water to create scale, and it does all of this in a  very compact unit. 

TX 1440 Whole House RO System:

This is the most advanced saltless water purification system offered by Kinetico. The system includes the semipermeable membrane filter that traps the contaminants. It allows only pure water to pass through the carbon filtration system. The Whole House Saltless Water Systems also remove iron and odor-causing bacteria, providing softer and quality water.

The TX 1440 also features a disinfection generator and a large capacity tank. Thus, offering large quantities of water required for drinking and cooking. It prevents the large-scale soap scum buildup and minerals that form the hard water. This keeps your plumbing pipes nice and clean. 

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Kinetico SWVA is proud to offer 100% salt-free water treatment solutions. Our saltless water systems are virtually maintenance-free and reduce the potentially damaging effects of pesky compounds like calcium and magnesium.

Kinetico SWVA is a water expert with huge experience in residential and commercial applications. Meticulously designed to be both effective and efficient, Kinetico of SWVA offers a variety of saltless water options. We promise quality solutions to all your water problems. Contact us today for a FREE water test!